Over the years both virtually and in a traditional office setting I have had the experience of working in many industries. I have learned so much in this journey and I love it so much.

I am constantly learning new and innovative processes and solutions, things I learned in one industry might help me in a way I never would have thought of (or known about) in another industry. I thrive in a fast-paced environment that empowers me to make decisions and find solutions, without being over managed.

A master in organization focused on continual improvement of systems and work processes.

A strategic partner to provide feedback designed to accelerate the organization’s overall effectiveness.

I STEP UP- I won’t wait for you to come to me, I will be coming to you with what I see and my thoughts on strategy.

I AM IN IT!  I am going to be all up in your business. I will live it and learn it before I even begin to start making changes and suggestions. .. but seriously I am going to be all up in it.

I SAY IT-  So look I am never going to be your yes man, if I see something that is impacting your business good or BAD I am going to let you know. In a kind way though right? Because I mean I’m not a monster.

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More Info

Address: a little lake town in Michigan, US

Phone: 248.325.5041

Business Hours: M-F 6am -4pm

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